Mosquito Traps Allow You to Enjoy the Outdoors

In the Spring, Summer, Fall and yes, in some places, even the Winter months, Mosquito’s can put a serious damper on outdoor activities. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to enjoy family gatherings and barbecues, especially in the Spring and Summer months. As for camping? It seems sometimes one has to bathe in mosquito repellent just to be outside!

Over the years, many products have come out that may be used to prevent or kill mosquito’s in large area’s.Some of these are as follows: Bug Zappers (which do, in some ways, do the trick but also leave all kinds of bug carcasses on the ground beneath it. Also, it will attract a lot of other bugs that you may not want to kill). Propane mosquito Traps (which also are said to work well for large area’s. But propane fumes are really not environmentally friendly). Citronella candles (also said to do the trick. I myself have not seen a difference in using them or not using them). Mosquito fogger’s (again putting unwanted chemicals into the air). Mosquito Nets sometimes used for camping (I don’t care how you do this. It seems mosquito’s always still get inside these things and buzz in your ear and bite all night long). Then there are the ever popular repellent sprays (which in my opinion can be very messy, stink and contain possibly harmful chemicals).

Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites itch like crazy! They can cause fever, get infected and cause fatal diseases in you and your pets. That list is including but not limited to, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria and Heart Worms in your pets. Almost all mosquito’s are capable of carrying the filariasis worm, which is the cause of the illness, Elephantiasis. Around 40 million people the world are presently suffering from some form of this disease.

The Science

Many studies have been conducted on what mosquito’s love. Why are they attracted to humans? They are attracted to light, scent, carbon dioxide, the chemistry of individuals when they sweat and movement. So with that said, how in the heck do you get rid of these things? Stop breathing? Sweating? Walk around in the dark? All of that just seems impossible…simply because it is…

The Solution

Mega Catch mosquito traps take into effect all of those things klamboe mosquito’s love. There has been extensive scientific testing around the world (including tests by the United States Department of Agriculture in Gainesville, Florida) to ensure that they work, for the safety of you, your family and your pets. Mega catch systems have proven to be highly effective in reducing the population of mosquito’s, as well as other biting insects. By using light, scent, vibration and Co2(which is environmentally friendly), these traps are the ultimate defense against mosquito’s for your outdoor activities.

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